About Rocket Your Business

Take your business to a new level

Teri Pastorino, aka The Web Expertista, launched Rocket Your Business in 2018 as an agency focusing on Conversational Marketing.  Email? Messenger? SMS? YES! Today it is even more important to reach your customers across multiple channels. Even more important is to reach them on the computer they ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO – their mobile device. Teri has earned the trust of e-Commerce companies, authors, coaches, local businesses, sports teams and several Welsh corgis.

To learn more about Teri you can visit her over at The WebExpertista

As the co-pilot and co-founder, Steve Pastorino brings years of business development experience to Rocket Your Business.  A partnerships pioneer in food & beverage, gaming, sports and entertainment, Steve loves to push boundaries where mobile technology can serve our clients.  Steve’s favorite Rocket of all time is “Sleepy” Floyd.

CBO (Chief Barketing Officers): Herman & Luigi.