Customer Loyalty Programs

Many types of businesses have launched customer loyalty programs, from airlines to credit card companies to Starbucks (one of the most popular ever!).

But since you don’t have Starbucks’ marketing budget and you don’t want your business to go the way of your Blockbuster Rewards card, what’s a company who cares about its customers supposed to do?

Today, Loyalty Means...

Easy-to-install, easy-to-use and easy-to-redeem programs that live on your customers’ phones.  

At Rocket Your Business, we help clients improve loyalty through rewards programs and scale them to fit you.  Examples include:

  • Stamp Cards
  • Loyalty Points Accumulation and Redemption
  • Special Offers

Loyalty Programs?

  • 52.3% of customers will join a loyalty or VIP program

  • 75% of consumers would engage more with loyalty programs that make rewards information mobile-friendly

  • 60% of customers will tell friends and family about a brand they’re loyal to
  • 67% higher spending – the amount an existing customer will spend over a new customer

  • 61% of consumers use mobile incentives, including discounts and coupons