Mobile Wallet

The Mobile Wallet in your phone is one of the keys to improving your relationship with your customers.  More and more Americans are using their Mobile Wallet to store important documents like boarding passes and event tickets. More than 16 million of you use it for Starbucks Rewards.


While it can serve as a payment system (think Apple Pay or Android Pay), we like it for the rewards feature.  For example, if you’re carrying around a punch card (donut shop, gas station fill ups, etc.), that’s one of the easiest programs to convert to mobile only.

Our favorite local independent coffee shop is envious of everything Starbucks Rewards can do.  After all, one app in the wallet that allows you to pay for drinks, order in advance, get free in-store refills and earn points towards more free caffeine is a pretty good thing.  And while his coffee is better than Starbucks, he doesn’t have the $1 million budget to launch the app.

At Rocket Your Business, we use Mobile Wallet to power rewards programs that are scaleable to fit your business

Examples include:

  • Stamp Cards
  • Loyalty Points and Redemption
  • Special Offers

Mobile Wallet

Building loyal customers is less expensive than finding new customers. Rewarding the customers you have for their loyalty to your business is just the smart thing to do

Mobile Wallet Facts:

  • 69% more likely to use the loyalty card if it’s on their phone
  • 64% more likely to use a coupon/promotion on their phone
  • 54% have already used a mobile wallet pass in one form or another