Scan Codes


There are many ways to initiate a chatbot conversation with someone – we often call these entry points. One type of entry point is a scan code. Below are examples of QR & *Facebook Scan codes. 

Scan code are a pretty ingenious way to launch a messenger bot conversation. 

  • Digital Business Cards
  • Giveaways
  • Loyalty program enrollment at the register
  • Table tents
  • Adding Points to Loyalty Programs
  • Websites
  • Printables

QR Codes

These are just like any other QR code that you can scan using the camera on your mobile phone.  Create your messenger conversation and then covert it to a shareable link and generate a QR code. 

There are many applications out there you can use to format and ad images to the QR code. Braintrust Interactive and Unitag are two that I use.

Go ahead and give it a try – this one goes to a simple explanation of “What is a Bot”

facebook messenger scan code

FB Messenger Scan Codes

These are native to Facebook and they are pretty dang cool. Sadly Facebook just announced that they will be going away in the Fall of 2019. 

Why do I like these? Well, the avatar for the FB page sits inside the scan code. You can also use third party apps like this one by Braintrust Interactive which allows you to customize the image in the middle.

So how do you use this? Grab your phone and open up the Messenger App (available in the app store on your phone)

Find the icon of a phone within the app in the upper right area of your screen. (FB has a tendency to change things, so look around a little bit)  Now point the camera at the screen and hold down your finger in the middle of your phone screen to scan it! This will open a demo of a digital business card.

*Facebook is changing this scan code version effect August 30 2019